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  1. I never had any problem, except once and everything got destroyed
  2. If they are listed on then TJM on here (or retropower) can get them for you
  3. This for sale topic may not yet available be for your usergroup
  4. Had a set of wolfies on my Kadett C, let me know if you part with them
  5. This for sale topic may not yet available be for your usergroup
  6. preload usually takes care of that, in which case out of gear. Or manually turn the prop while some one applies resistance to a wheel. Want to be any surer just have a look through the filler hole or drop the cover. The opel workshop test for the factory Kadett LSD was to suspend 150KG IIRC from a rope wound around a rim and put a torque wrench on the other hub and measure the torque to lift the weight.
  7. Almost always the answer is no. May have been a rare option (they were on Kadett C) but I really don't know. With both back wheels in the air, handbrake off and car in gear (engine off of course) if you spin one wheel as if the car I going forward and the other rotates as if driving backwards it's just a diff not an LSD
  8. I'm guessing you mean the side mounts onto the wing, Probably for a post 82 car with plastic front airdam / bumper?
  9. It must have been spraying out like a hose pipe for it not to start!
  10. Mine still starts on regular unleaded that's been in the tank over three years, because I've poured a gallon in on top of the fuel it drove in in in 2008 and it always starts first turn.
  11. 11:35am-ish near Winfields roundabout (McDonald's) on the A56 Light metallic blue, colour coded 400 door mirrors, corsa side repeaters and a boot spoiler (not standard GTE or Exclusive spoiler, a 2 point mounting one). Driven by an Aaron from Fast & Loud lookalike
  12. Often fag lighter or lights on buzzer are the push on spades in the bottom of the fuse box. However, it doesn't matter because a GTE will run with all fuses missing except the one to the fuel pump and those wires are crimped directly to the fuse terminals and is a blue wire. Still try the 2p trick and see if you hear the pump run. alternatively make sure both sides of the fuel pump fuse are live, they suffer from being poor contacts.
  13. Yup pump and spark sorts most things