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  1. Yep there are two things here, the clubs handling of uploaded pics on site and third party hosting on PB. Best way is host your own and buy a domain, then you can switch hosting provider with no editing of threads required
  2. Deleted all my project pics as 1) I don't share with folk that don't share 2) I don't believe the membership voted for that specifically to be implemented (It adds no security and had to be altered to let non members see their own pics after posting ) Boarding up the shop window is no good for the club. True. an AGM resolution for next year?
  3. Start reading about using jenolite or deox with cling film You will also find people making their own with citric acid and wallpaper paste etc a good few treatments then maybe POR soesnit have a sunroof ? If so the holes may have come inside out so look inside for foam stuck to roof finally mig can distort but lead loading better but still could. In the past I have drilled holes backnto solid edges and araldited old copper coins on the inside and files the hole in the outside with it and sanded down. If your metal is clean that works and has no heat or kead that you cannot power sand without serious health risks (large single cut file only and catch the bits)
  4. Multiple threads in the wrong place doesn't help. Already answered in your other thread
  5. Nobody's pics are gone. They only have to log in to download them. No charge for that.
  6. It's interesting, but unless the intended spec is known what can you do with it? It'll always be a "not right" frankencar no matter how good.
  7. Maybe one of the restorers would take a job lot who knows. When I had too many parts to store I just let people come and take what they could carry for free. OK businesses or those representing them should pay as nothing worse than giving stuff away then see people making money from it which is not in the spirit.
  8. I appreciate you are not in it for profit, selling on parts doesn't need to be for profit, but if you are weighing in parts that would keep other mantas on the road that's a waste. Completely yours to do with as you wish but still if they could help other Manta owners keep their car on the road it isn't really in keeping with the clubs aim of preserving Mantas That said no one has cut up more Mantas than Manta enthusiasts over the years
  9. If you spent a lot of money on that scrap then you will be throwing money away just scrapping it. However, it is yours to throw away.
  10. If you paid for it then some one else will pay for it, ebay and recoup money and / or help out other Manta owners with parts
  11. Maybe try viton washers if you can get it Ages better than rubber
  12. I see what you mean The only way to get that out is probably to put a packing piece between the plastic bits to support them and press / drive it through I take it that means the external cover bit is split / rusting ? Re flared ends - not made to be removable so I would say it is time to drill one end to remove the flare and use a bolt or roll pin if the original is loose when put back in
  13. I expect you are right and are missing something like using a stubby screw driver or accessing the screw between the two plastic pieces that support the pin, there are two reasons you don't get questions answered on the net 1) So easy it's untrue 2) So complicated no one can be bothered to write it down once figured out this definitely falls under number one. No windows in mine at the moment but removal was a 5 minute job with unhooking the hinges from the B pillar being the only tricky bit