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  1. This for sale topic may not yet available be for your usergroup
  2. I have a series wheelarch trims. Dunno if remotely suitable.
  3. When you can't find the chassis rail to see how corroded they are, you know the pile of newspaper and filler is no longer going to cut it.
  4. I've owned worse!
  5. First up, thanks to all that organised it. I don't imagine it was easy. I think a great time was had by all (I did!) The set up and staff at the gate were spot on. Got in and out a lot quicker than billing. Got to the M1 before my engine got crazy hot, whereas at Billing it was touch and go. (possibly not a consideration for vboa.......) Like others, the big open space in the middle was weird. It was a fair hike across to the showers and autojumble. I don't know if they needed them up there for water and power by the building but I'd say it needs a rethink. Was good to see them respond to the shortage of thunderboxes down our end, tho annoying it arose in the first place. Billing had the advantage of shops on site, petrol station with shop, bars, restaurant all a short walk away. And a cash machine. That's not something that's easily sorted at mkt harborough, but a beer tent (with decent beer!) and more than a burger/toasty would be handy. If the beer tent was only open til, e.g. 6 or 7 then I'd say its not gonna cause huge problems. Its not like the site will be a 'dry zone' any way. If it did rain, I trust they'd have plenty matting for the access road to get out at the end so it didn't turn into a swamp.
  6. Fifth from bottom. Front air dam. That what you mean?
  7. I used por15 tank sealer. Seems to be good stuff. Still have half a tin as I didn't think the quantity they suggested was enough. It was.
  8. I had exactly that problem. Was ignition module overheating. As fin says, Make sure its securely mounted to aluminium plate and has heatsink compound applied.
  9. I drilled a hole in the sender, attached an extra pipe and covered the join in tank sealer. Been working fine for years now.
  10. No probs, I'll pack it with the beer so it doesn't get forgotten!