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  1. I had the same problem. Drilled it out, tapped hole and put a bolt in instead.
  2. Still after a pair if anyone has any.
  3. Not sure, its too big to fit an a series. Here's some pics
  4. No takers? Its getting binned at the weekend if not.
  5. Tidying out my garage and have the following free to anyone who wants it and will pay postage/collect. 1.6s head gasket and manifold gasket. 2 coolant hoses for 1.6s. 2.2 ecu condition unknown. B series brake servo, condition unknown. Throttle position sensor from mikuni r1 carbs Audi a3 96-03 Haynes manual. Gm car jack. Came from vectra, has molded rubber bit to fit vectra jacking point. More may follow as I tidy!
  6. Any luck with the search?
  7. I have a 2.0 heavy duty clutch (same size as 2.2) and its lasted just fine, tho I tend not to push the car hard that often. Mileage unknown, but must be at least 8k. I built it so faith in it isn't great!
  8. Ah, shame. 100 miles too far south. Tho only 50 miles from the missus folks. She'd kill me tho, doing that a second time.....
  9. Now I'm curious. My folks live in nw. Don't suppose you could find out where? (The car, no my folks!)
  10. That'll be pricey getting it to the mainland, never mind the rest of the way. Unless adzthestig can fit it on his fishing boat
  11. Any one have a spare pair of the seals that run round top of door frame and round rear quarter window?
  12. 2 small pipes on drivers side and one on the front side, plus the filler hose. Then 2 bolts each end of the strap. and the wire to the sender.