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  1. Hiya - pm ing you now
  2. I have one at £20 plus postage if you arent already sorted
  3. I can do you a set at £40 plus postage Will need painting and tyres
  4. I have a few !!! Im in lancashire
  5. Now I'm all for optimistic pricing but I think that's pushing it a bit far money wise
  6. It's lovely !!! I bought it sight unseen for the engine but having realised what a good one it is I can't possibly break it so it's up for sale. Never seen a welder and it's really good underneath That's how I met the seller and saw the car - I was delivering those seats !
  7. I've seen this car in person and met the owner . The car is a beautiful straight example I really liked it . Only downsides are the interior wear which the seller is upfront about. He's also a really nice bloke with a great private collection of classics and the best behind the house garage I've ever seen . I would put a £4-5k valuation on it , anything under £4k is a bargain
  8. I swapped the spare I had with kev for some headlight adjusters lol . None sunroof Hatch roofs are relatively easy to come by
  9. Hiya - I have a matching pair crown wheel and pinion 3.67 ratio from a 49,000 mile axle in great condition at £60 plus £10 postage Pm me or I'm on 07889 141818
  10. Hello Phil?
  11. I've a decent one frank , bit of surface rust on the underside but that's it , no bubbles topside and it's straight . its painted Matt black
  12. I'm just about to cut up a 5 speed shell and have the complete tunnel , top and mounts available all in one piece at £70 if that's of interest ? im in Lancashire so not too far from you