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  1. Good call, mine is due renewal in the next few weeks
  2. Hi & welcome to the forum and the UK.
  3. also speak to JS Performance for any custom hoses as they make the hoses for the Manta's etc. that are sold by Retropower.
  4. I have a 400 decal in Yellow 20" x 4" if that is any use to you (depending on your colour code). I was going to fit on mine but I have kept the decals red on my car. It might need a little TLC to straighten but very useable, it has been in my shed for some time. If your interested PM me and I will send some photos, all it will cost is P&P as I was given it years back by another member
  5. Just looking at the"Group B Rally" homepage of the link above, it hasn't been updated since 2012, but mention they have a FB account. I use to have a link to a page about the 400 4WD with some good colour photos, but I think it died with the FB generation as I can't locate it anymore.
  6. On the bit of info I have it mentions "It is now owned by a member of the Group B Club". Don't know when it was written so don't know if still valid Link to the page if helps
  7. You just missed a new (as stated in advert) item on eBay, I was looking at it but didn't bid on it. I think it went for £36.00 eBay link
  8. Might be easy to buy a spare later cylinder head that is unleaded ready, for in the future you need to do any engine work. Some nice work on the seats and the tank looks fresh
  9. Probably trying to recoup some of the expense gone in to getting it that far, most of the hard work already carried out. Good clean blank canvas for 400R car, especially with all welding work carried out (as advertised)
  10. Me too, bought from them in the past no problems. Hopefully not too far off topic
  11. Ahh... sorry just read this again (Doh ), Do you mean these? I bought a set from the same member "Irmscher Man" has mentioned 2013/14 to fit in the future
  12. Wow that has saved me a post as I think that is what I have on my car, apart from one of the fog lights is missing the rubber weatherseal, At least I know what to look for. Cheers
  13. Is this what you mean? I might have a set available somewhere?
  14. the one I have is for 3/8" bore so similar in size to yours.
  15. Are you meaning something like this aftermarket filter? I was going to use it but found an original one. I can't find any correspondence on where I got my filter from yet but there are a few on German eBay sites but coming in at around $30 euros and then P&P