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  1. Have a look on I am unsure on Mk's of Astra after E (Opel), 2 (Vauxhall) Mine has Frod Serria calipers on the back with XR3 discs, it is what came with the axle.
  2. Is this the lower wishbone attachment bush? I had a pig with some of these bushes as I fitted Super Pro poly bushes all around. I know on one of them I chamfered the lead edge to get it started and used a hydraulic press. I haven't posted on here for a while as I haven't been near my car properly for years due to ill health. I have taken the cover off the car this year and also managed to boil the battery earlier in the year while charging it (Doh ). I will be posting up some spares for sale soon as I need to declutter my collection of parts. My car head is slowly returning so I hope to be out and about in the distant future. Defo a Farcebook killing the forum zone. Everyone wants the answer yesterday and nobody wants to pay for anything they can get free. I have a Farcebook account but hardly use it as I find the drivel on there just repeating over and over again. Those FB lawyers, politicians and activists need culling from time to time (lol) I read it on the bog to pass time away so mostly toilet humour to me.
  3. Just read your original reply correctly...doh
  4. I work in Crewe just of Wistaston Road nr Stubbs and Jewson's if that is near you? I don't live in the area so depending on times I might be able to assist. I work Mon - Fri usually 0700 -1500. I think it's Pat that lives near Leighton Hospital. I keep getting told that there is another Manta owner who works for my employer DB Cargo, but I have never seen the car/owner yet.
  5. Cheers Malcom I have just been informed by Derek that he has already got the R/H Spring Hinge, and it was a miscommunication on my behalf, so I do apologise on that. Regards Rob.
  6. I have been asked by a member, who doesn't have access to the internet (at the moment) to ask if any one has the item 16 (picture below) available for sale They help to keep the boot open (not so good with exclusive spoiler though). Item 16 Cat No 1 76 297, Pt No. 09289105 Spring (Tie bar) Hinge left The member lives in the NW of England nr Southport and I can pass on any details if and when required Many Regards Rob
  7. Super Pro Poly Bushes make bushes (or use to) for complete sets for Manta etc. Retropower was a stockist for them, might be worth contacting them.
  8. I might have one, but it will have been weathered (being outside). If your interested I will post up some pictures.
  9. Good call, mine is due renewal in the next few weeks
  10. Hi & welcome to the forum and the UK.
  11. also speak to JS Performance for any custom hoses as they make the hoses for the Manta's etc. that are sold by Retropower.
  12. I have a 400 decal in Yellow 20" x 4" if that is any use to you (depending on your colour code). I was going to fit on mine but I have kept the decals red on my car. It might need a little TLC to straighten but very useable, it has been in my shed for some time. If your interested PM me and I will send some photos, all it will cost is P&P as I was given it years back by another member
  13. Just looking at the"Group B Rally" homepage of the link above, it hasn't been updated since 2012, but mention they have a FB account. I use to have a link to a page about the 400 4WD with some good colour photos, but I think it died with the FB generation as I can't locate it anymore.
  14. On the bit of info I have it mentions "It is now owned by a member of the Group B Club". Don't know when it was written so don't know if still valid Link to the page if helps