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  1. Will be there, still not had time to get the Manta back on the road 🙁
  2. I should be there.
  3. I'm planning on going tomorrow.
  4. Thanks Neil, deposit sent.
  5. I'm gonna try to get to this one.
  6. Sorry ,can't make this one.
  7. Hi, if it's around I'm sure 1900sr will know where it is ,you could pm him but I guess he will read this later.
  8. Check this out on ebay first .
  9. I should be there Monday.
  10. Oil seal for somewhere?
  11. Not sure what wheels you will be using but you can only just fit 15" alloys over this set up.
  12. That looks right, I've been running that setup for a few years.Think I had some hoses made up and I'm sure the original bolts fit.
  13. Mr Virco was there all weekend.