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    I started this in June 2014. I bought it locally with only two owners and reportedly only 82,000 miles. It certainly drives like it's low mileage. It looked like "there's not that much to do." Don't be fooled, it's a thirty one year old Opel manta, made just before someone had the idea of galvanising the steel body panels and chassis. Thank the Lord it didn't have a sunroof!! I've managed to attach a few pictures of progress but some of them don't want to upload unfortunately.It's had a lot of new panels, the seats reupholstered as standard, the list goes on and on. I've got over 500 hundred pictures of this process so far. There's a couple of shortly after it had been taken back to bare metal and painted. It's an exact match for the original Opel Red. Also, the front suspension and rear axle have both been removed, shot blasted and powder coated. See the picture of the new powerflex polyurethane bushes. I've also put a picture of the recently refurbished petrol tank. It has been pressure washed out, pressure tested, any leaks repaired and all of the breather pipes were removed and replaced. hopefully you'll all get to see this car when it's finished at the OMOC stand at the NEC classic car show. As all manta owners - I live in hope!! Thank you to Adam who took it apart, re fabricated, welded, primed, galvanized, wax oiled, replaced door and window seals, refitted floor sound proofing and put it back together with the panels all perfectly positioned. Thank you also to Simon, who has done the front suspension and back axle. He's limbering up to start on replacing all of the engine/gearbox seals. Good job Aaron Radiators on the petrol tank. Happy new year!!
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    Thanks to everyone that Came along and made the VBOA event such a big success. We wondered how well the event would go and thanks to all the enthusiasm of every club member and guest that attended, it was a great weekend. Special thanks to Shaun Broadbent, Mick Maher, Loobie Meagher, Chris Collier, Simon Peckham and all the others that helped put the show together. We welcome Shaun as the new National meeting organiser.... a baptism of fire! Class winners from this years OMOC Show & Shine. Best A - Tim Rolfe Best B - James Sene (car of the show) Best C - Simon Chapman
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    Hi all, so excited to be on here and say I have a Manta. my dad, who is no longer with us, had a bronze Berlinetta sr coupe from 1978-1994 and when it went I vowed one day to have one of my own. his reg was UEP 14S by the way - don't know if it still lives? But here is my SR hatch I picked up last weekend, did 100 mile journey no problem at all with its 5-Speed conversion. she doesn't have any history but has clearly been restored at some point - does anyone know anything?
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    Not quite finished.... but enough to get to Market Harborough yesterday. I've done 500 miles in 48 hours and really drives great....really likes petrol stations......
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    did i miss owt??? 2 years out. thought id call in and possibly attended the unbilling show..
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    I have locked this topic. This forum will not condone threatening behaviour,
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    Just as a point of clarification, the site, I believe, is jointly owned by William Davis Construction group, Leics council and is managed by the Leicestershire Agricultural society. There are plans afoot to turn the show ground into a large agricultural ground similar to the NAC at Stoneleigh or the East of England showground at Peterborough. It will take time but the plans are already in place, and will be delivered as the funds are permitting. The small office block was built by William Davis construction as an initial gesture to get things going. They are a local developer and over the years, have put a lot into the local communities, unlike some of the larger Bovis/Bloor homes type that do little for local amenities. Living quite local to the site, I see some of the other events that have been advertised there, and it is starting to gain impetus. There was a decent sized music festival on the week before we went and more use will mean that the roads and other facilities start to come together. The agricultural show last year was large enough to bring Harborough town centre to a standstill, so they have hosted larger shows than the VBOA one already. The site is still a bit rough but as the ground settles down it will only get better I'm sure. It wouldn't take much to get the old airstrip repaired either, which would also be a useful addition to the site as it provides a roadway across the whole site. The bad issues I noted were: Toilet facilities were inadequate, especially on our side of the field The layout of the show was utterly baffling....large space in the middle with nothing on, clubs cramped up on the edges IMHO, John should not be allowed to organise the map/ layout again, as it is clearly beyond his abilities. My little boy could have done better with his aquadoodle There was nowhere to empty a chemical toilet The water standpipes were few and far between and none on our end of the site, which was not acceptable really The catering facilities were poor, but that can easily be improved next year. We will bring our own BBQ Man! The grass cutting was a bit rough, again this will improve as the site gets more use I'm sure The VBOA display was poorly set out and located. Perhaps as it was the other side of the field from us but I saw very little of what went on No PA system for the event covering the whole site. I agree that Sunday was a let down. I was really surprised to see just how many folks were leaving at lunchtime. We ought to have a think about this as get something organised to provide some interest. Personally, I always liked the concours on the Sunday but ho hum. Ian has covered the main issue in his post above but the biggest problem by far was the way in which the OMOC was stuffed in the corner and not given anywhere near enough space for the number of cars and campers that attended. We are by far the largest single make club in the VBOA and I feel we were treated poorly this year. I will be making my feelings known in a letter to the VBOA in due course. If this was to happen again, I would suggest that we look at organising our own show and withdraw from the event as our national meeting and just go back to how we used to do things beforehand, we attended as part of the midlands area meetings and anyone was welcome to come along. We had a separate concours event in July. On the good side, there were loads of plus points but the main ones I noted: LMF did a fantastic job. The gate wardens were happy, smiley and generally pleasant every time I spoke to them. You dont get that at Billing! It was nice to be camped in close proximity to one another as we all mixed and mingled much more than ever before The site was very Easy to find and get in and out generally all weekend prices for camping and visiting were very reasonable considering what you would normally fork out (perhaps the lack of Vinnies and the chip shop helped out with that,) The skylarks were great to hear as you woke up in the morning! Personally, I would be more than happy to go back again and do it all again next weekend. It was more like one of the shows we used to do 20 years ago and it really did give me a massive boost. Loved every minute of it.
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    Had a great weekend with the South Wales & West crew & enjoyed chatting to lots of fellow OMOC peeps. Thanks to Steve & the LMF team who took up the mantle after Billing kicked us out. I complained to Steve about the lack of toilets at the Manta end of the ground on Friday evening & he arranged for extra loos from Saturday morning. Steve from LMF did admit that they had underestimated the amount of people that would be camping & therefore using loos on Thursday & Friday. Also next time there will be proper rubbish skips dotted around the site. Good points. level ground, relatively easy to get to, unlike Puddle Duck at Billing which was like a fortress our area this time was more welcoming. Great display put on by the OMOC members. Showers were good, Flushing toilets were good. Bad points. Layout of the event by the VBOA (John Ackerman ?) was crap, scaling was all wrong he must have drawn it up on a fag packet. Lack of toilets & those toilets were not serviced until Saturday morning, at an event like this toilets must be serviced at least once a day & preferably twice. Lack of temporary standpipes & the ones that were provided were a long distance from the OMOC It looked like of we had rain then the site could have become like Glastonbury especially near the entrance/shower facilities. Unlike Billing Due to the lack of a pub/restaurant nearby then a beer tent & indoor eating facilities should have been provided. I understand that the VBOA vetoed beer being sold in case there was trouble. Last year our section of the OMOC attended a very big classic transport show at Powderham Castle in Devon. They have a massive beer & food marque with food outlets of all sorts of variety all over the site. They provide showers & toilets for the camping with silent generators to provide light & water pump power. IMO if we stay at Harborough in 2018 & if LMF are willing to organize the ticketing etc then the following needs to happen. 1. Arena, Autojumble, food & drink outlets need to be in the centre of the showground with the various clubs circled around it so everyone is roughly equidistant from the facilities. 2. Extra toilets to be provided all around the site 3. Water bowsers provided at strategic locations around the site Reference our show & shine & the judging I prefer this format although I do understand what others are saying about going back to the prizes being given out on the Sunday. The judging is down to personal preference some will prefer modified over original, some will prefer post face lift B's over pre facelift B's etc On my voting form I tend to write down what catches my eye (the LHD GSi) or cars that look simply stunning due to the hard work put in by the owners like Simon Chapmans GTE exclusive & James Sene's Black SRB. Special mention about Chris Burt's S reg Sapphire Blue SRB, what a find ! Some Manta's like the Orange B PEU ***R I wanted to vote for but couldn't due there being no number. No derivatives (Ascona's & Cavs) to vote for this year first time I can rember this happening. Finally thanks to Sean & Chris for organizing the OMOC stand & thanks to the OMOC committee & our VBOA rep Ian who helped to mark out the field. Once again well done LMF for having the balls to take this event on.
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    Now moving under its own power for the first time in over 6 years.........first rolling road session next week......
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    did manage to get the back axle finished for race retro
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    I feel the need to chip in again. As Chris says, and as Gary and Paul have continued to do, let's stick to discussing any points we can take forward for both our own stand and the VBOA event in general. Shaun did as excellent job and volunteered to help out as National meeting organiser. I naturally accepted his kind offer as we need all the help we can get. Let's not start picking fault with one another otherwise we end up in the position where no one wants to volunteer for fear of getting it in the neck. Play nicely or not at all. Nuff said.
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    This years rally, just goes to show what a great club the OMOC is. With the new venue there were so meny un-knowns, and yet all club members came together and made it one of the best VBOA rally for a long time.
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    Quite a change over the years...... now mapped and MOT'd , significant security being fitted plus road testing and a hundred small jobs......hoping to make Saturday at Market Harborough
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    Paul I don't think our efforts were in vain i for one had a fantastic weekend Ian. I was told on Saturday afternoon this the manta club had pulled out of the ring after the vboa meeting on Sunday morning after a personal conflict. I was fuming as Paul and Chris will confirm. I had spent Thursday Friday and all of Saturday morning making sure the stand looked good and people were happy with their camping area. After an ad hoc committee meeting we decided on the cars for the parade ring and I confirmed with the owners that they were happy to take part at 9am on Sunday morning. I attended the morning vboa meetings on Saturday and Sunday morning along with Anne. if you had been there you wouldn't have been the last to know. Danny. I totally agree. Weekend car shows always start to decline early afternoon on a Sunday as people need to travel home and get ready for working Monday's. A club meet on Sunday at say noon would be good to discuss anything and everything perhaps even a second bbq to bring people together. Another couple of points that are maybe worth considering. The club marquee wasn't used to its full potential. I'm not sure having the shop separate worked as the marquee seemed to be empty apart from Natalie sorting out membership. All weekend I didn't really see anyone use it even though it was the only shaded area in our vicinity. Secondly. There are a lot of complaints going around about the toilet facilities yet it seemed to me that a lot of club members considered it acceptable to urinate against the fence behind our campsite. On on a closing note. This was my first year being involved in organising the manta club stand which I was asked to take on by Simon a week before the show. A lot of what I did was a learning curve but judging by people's comments I don't think I did too bad a job. As I have been elected as the club events organiser I will have more involvement before hand and moving forward we can hopefully do things a bit better and with more organisation next year.
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    Thank you. I remember when it first came out from being painted, the Adam, who did it, was a perfectionist.The wings, doors, bumpers and trim were all sprayed separately and then put back onto the car.
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    Our yearly spring meeting (almost summer...)was this time in the neighbourhood of Osterburken, enjoy the pics! Always told "If I want to drive a Mercedes I'll take a taxi" but this one... And if it was not enough on the Belgian highway we noticed a Manta! When we were closer we saw it was a 400R, and when we drove next to the car it was a friend of us that was driving his Manta back home from his first ride! Grts!
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    There's no need to be nasty Jim. It was my manic attitude that got everything in place and organised 😀
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    And at last, with new gaskets, oil filter and water pump, the engine has been re fitted! Looking good repainted in satin/Matt black engine paint and the engine mounts blasted and powder coated. It's got it's original engine, you know, the incredibly heavy 1979cc lump! Starting to look very good. The plan is to keep it just as when it came from the factory (although the paintwork is much better than original!) The only deviations are; I got rid of the completely useless headlight washers The exhaust pipre is identical to the 1984 spec but made of stainless steel. The bushes are the blue polyurethane type The new shock absorbers are the same spec but made by KYB, not Bilstein.
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    Hi All, just got myself a Gold 86 plate GTE as a project. Engine not running yet, interior shot and loads of welding to do. 😀👍đŸģ I had a Gold Berlinetta in 92 as a boy racer and wish I never sold it. Done so much to it There was about 6 of us had Manta's at the time. Some running home fiat twin cam made turbo kits and others Ford EFI home made turbo. All the work was trial and error and loads of fun. Mine however was standard ☚ī¸ This project won't be 😀 Live in Blyth near Newcastle and can weld pretty well and have an eye for detail. Engine knowledge is down to Haynes. 😀 Hope to meet you soon.
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    Team Manta North West do it again, all bits sorted (for the moment).. Thanks to Danny & Kev Abbott. Cheers.
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    If the shell is generally solid apart from the chassis rails then it will have no problem on the jig. I tend to do one chassis rail at a time, leaving the other one there for body strength. If the shell is rotten in various area's the bits i always do before mounting on spit are the inner wings, and wing mounting rails. They put a lot of strength into the front end to prevent movement when you have a jig mounted to the front of the chassis rails. Without these being solid if you have the car upside down and remove a chassis rail you cantweak the shell around the inner wing/bulkhead join. If you area actually going to replace the full chassis rail all the way to the bumper mount you will want the car supported by other areas when removing it all. I would have it rolled to 90deg with the leg being worked on at the top (chest height) then an axle stand under the shell resting on the A post at the strongest point, and then an engine hoist with straps around the roof pillars to take the shells weight. That way the front spit upper mount is not taking any load at all. If you are just replacing the rail to the top of swan neck leaving the inner wing front rail then it can just sit on the spit with an axle stand to hold it in place/rest on A pillar such as this With a solid upper shell you can even turn the shell over on the spit with the swan neck/floor rail off and holes in the floor and front of sill (to access jacking point inner structure) so you can always weld at the correct downhill angle to get the neatest results (and check you have the fit perfect from all angles)
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    One thing that got me, once again the OMOC didn't have an entry into the Chairman's Cup. I thought this was one of the reasons for moving the show and shine to Saturday? I know James left fairly early on the Sunday, but surely if the car of the show couldn't be entered we could have entered the car that came second?
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    Scouse git, you were the highlight of the weekend. It was a joy to watch you charge around whilst I sat there in the shade with a nice cup of tea. It wouldn't have been as enjoyable if you hadn't have been there you bloody loony. Hope all goes well this week, keep your chin up. See you next year, I'll have the kettle on.
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    Last year we popped our VBOA cherry and attended the rally at Billing. As newbies to the Manta club we didn't know what to expect. We throrouthly enjoyed the show and were worn out by the Monday from walking round. As towards this year, although the stand appeared to look like as the club calibra man called it a 'ghetto' we thought it more resembled Glastonbury with decent classic cars. From a personal point of view I found the layout, although compact, very very friendly and people seemed to interact more because we were in such close proximity. Sharon and I both feel the atmosphere was fantastic and that you felt more involved. We would personally like to thank the guys from LMF, Mick and Steve who pulled off what we believe was a great show. On the Thursday morning when we pulled in early Mick showed us to the stand and had a brief chat and told us that they knew that it wouldn't be perfect but they would like to hear all comments, both positive and negative, so they could improve on it for next year. We would also like to thank all the people from the OMOC who give up their time to organise the event. Unfortunately we got lumbered with Shaun Scouse Git Broadbent who was manic all weekend. Loved meeting up with all our friends we made last year and had a great time. Thanks to everybody for making a fantastic effort, it made our trip worthwhile. As towards next year, be it Market Harborough or Billing, as a personal preference Billing wins on amenities but Market Harborough knocks it out of the park for club atmosphere.
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    Being involved in the organising to a small extent i will attempt to (partially) answer some the points raised - The rally was very, very lucky with the weather, on both Thursday and Sunday nights there was a massive thunder storm within twenty miles north of the site, and when i left Monday i got 5 minutes down the road and drove into a shower, if one of those thunder storms had dumped its lot on R'brugh then the roadway around the parimeter of the site would have been like trying to drive through porridge. Unfortunately there is not a lot the show organisers can do about this, the site is Council owned and it is up to them to develope it as a show venue with all the perminant facilities that entails including roadways, that said tipping out hardcore and rolling it to form roadways isn't exactly rocket science,only penny pinching would prevent this. LMF admit they mis-calculated about the toilets and the nature of the Thunder Boxes and there will be a major rethink on the whole subject, they admit there was not enough of them in the right places, they were not serviced often enough and thunder boxes alone are not enough for camping, they have taken onboard what was said and will do it differently next year. The flushing toilets and showers were postioned near the entrance building because that is the only place on site that has a sewer connection, again, hopefully in future years the council will develope the site, ideally with perminant shower and toilet blocks, or at least a swerage and water pipe system that allows flushing toilet and shower caravans to be evenly distributed around the site. This is the altered site plan, thought there are considerable alterations to other club stands that are not shown on this diagram - On this diagram the large squares represent 10m square, this makes the top corner of JOV 20m from the Viva Outlaws !!! in reallity this diagram bares almost F**ÂŖ ALL resemblence to what was on the ground. It was this graph paper map that was used, with on the day modifications, to mark out the site on Tuesday. I think John Ankerman got the site diamensions and more importantly the angles wrong, the concrete roadway was not at 45 degrees to the fence line and the site appeared much larger than this diagram suggests, the overall area of the Market Harborough Showground is about 25% larger than what the VBOA had availble at Billing, and a lot of the fields at Billing towards the static caravans had large areas with very few cars on, so all the clubs should have had all the space they wanted, not rammed up corners tripping over each others guy ropes When John Ankerman was trying to devise a site plan he asked the each club rep to provided him with the number of cars, tents, gazebos, caravans and motor homes that each club would be bring to the VBOA rally, this was in MARCH !!!, but worse than this he wanted to know the size in metres of each tent, gazebo, caravan, motorhome was that would be coming, when we all said this was asking the impossible, especially for the Manta Club as we have by far the highest porportion of camping members plus foriegn visitors, he got in right strop. I suggested the easy answer for us was to give the Manta Club the space we had at Billing to which came the response, "No, because you didn't use all the space you had", so i said we could survive with two thirds of what we had at Billing ( a realistic minimum with all our tents ) "No, your not having that much", Why the Manta Club had to be restricted to such proportionally a small space, 75m x 50m, i don't know, especially as Corsa Sport (3 Cars, 2 tents) got 30 x 60m, Kadette C (c10 cars, 5 tents) 30m x 60m, etc. The real insult came on Saturday morning when i complained on behalf of the Manta Club and was told "you have as much space as you had at Billing". Here is a Google Earth image of Puddleduck Field at Billing with outlined in yellow the area we got at R'brugh - I will expect the next VBOA Commitee meeting to be a lively affair, well i have from a Club and personal point of view an axe grind. I know the club has been treated badly and i resent being played for a fool. I don't get this, there is a huge car show and your right in the middle of it and your bored ? what are you expecting ? sit outside your tent in a deck chair and people come round like wandering Minstrals to entertain you ? to look at all the VBOA show properly will take a day, The day free you have on Sunday, if you don't want to spend hours walking take your deck chair to the main arena and the show will drive past your nose for 4 hours. The problems with having Club activities on Sunday as well means those who have the job of organising these activities have to be working both Saturday and Sunday, those taking part in the activities have to be around the Club stand both days, so if your someone who likes to see the wonders of the wider VBOA rally you will have little time to spare to see them, The last two years my Gold Manta Hatch has been walting for me get brave enough to take an angle grinder to the rear of the sills and repair it, not having a show car at the VBOA Rally has freed up so much time i have been able to investigate the whole show so much more and i have discovered that i have been missing such a lot all these years. In The Netherlands every show i have been to the main day is Saturday, Sunday is going home day, some leave early, others leave in the evening, a few stay until monday morning, there are no events on Sunday, They know that many people can only afford to take one day off for the show, they take Friday off so as they can drive there early on, have a Friday and Saturday evening on the sauce, Saturday during the day have all the events, then when they recovered from Saturday night (and the Dutch know how to PARTY !) drive home Sunday so as they can be back at work Monday, Logical. The Center of Market Harborough was a pleasant surprize, it has recently won an award for the best Town center, The big supermarkets have been positioned so they are within 300m of the town square and all the other shops, so you can park in the large (pay and dispair, Grrrr ) car parks, walk into the center, go in the shops, then get your groceries from the supermarkets on the way back. There are lots of places to eat, Roy and Patty from the Netherlands ticked off their anual English bucket list along St Marys road, Full English Breakfast, Fish and Chips, Indian Curry (not all at once !) But this does all hinge upon being able to drive a car down into R'brugh ( though two from the Manta Club had a day in the R'brugh pubs by bus, which are frequent along the main road ) but If you have been knocking back the sauce in vast quantities then driving your car is out of the question and your mainly reliant upon the onsite food traders, though all the take-a-ways in R'brugh would deliver to the gates of the show. When we all get used to lay of the land we can devise our own ways of best exploiting what is available locally, with a bit of pre-planning i don't think anyone need go without anything, No, R'brugh is not quite as convenient as Billing but its far from terrible. On the whole the show was a success, certainly did not live upto the expectations of the doom-sayers, LMF did a good job but acknowledge it could have been better in a few areas, particulary the toilets, but they are willing to take onboard what has been said and make changes for next year. The site layout on the VBOA side ( the Club stands half of the field ) was a F**ÂŖ UP, this must drastically change, preferable with complete integration with the rest of the show, wether John Ankerman will be willing to accept that it was wrong is another thing entirely, this was his grand plan, his baby, if it gets shot down in flames he might 'go off on one' and throw the towel in with any show organising, and no one else wants to step forward and grasp the hot potato that is the organisation of the VBOA rally, as i said above the next VBOA Commitee meeting will be an dramatic one. On the Manta Club stand we played the best hand with the $H*! cards we were delt, the layout worked out well ( Top work Chris ) even though one road way had to be abandoned and a row of show cars had to be put infront of the stand boundary, the way the Mantas were lined up was a lot more show like than just parking in lines ( that just looks like a car park not a show ) The communal incineration of dinner ( BBQ'ing together ) was a great idea, everyone could have what they wanted and how much they wanted yet we all came together in one place, The quiz was as obscure as ever ( i do worry about what goes around in your head Ben, your so random you might need therapy ), the quiz did have the odd hick-up ( Queen - fat bottom girls, and the Highlight for me, Ben trying to argue about Manta dates with Riener Mantay, a.k.a. The Manta Oracle !) The Opel Manta OC is the club most dedicated to the VBOA Rally, we had more tents there on thursday and Monday morning than the rest of field, we have a far larger proportion of members camping at the show than other clubs and for the size of our club we have a proportionally larger turn out of across the board high quality cars, we are well organised and have the best social scene with our saturday evening gathering, we can give ourselves a pat on the back, we deserve it because we are the best !!
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    Overall a very good weekend! it always is as we are a great club! Love it! Points to consider; If it rains that field would be a mud bath Concours and results on the Saturday kills the Sunday of the weekend! Voting on cars all day Saturday & results Sunday lunchtime Nothing close by such as a place to eat etc toilets are poor (and pitch black at night) not very well set out (I think VBOA visitor & car numbers were very down and i bet it was half the usual attendance figures) showers (not enough and miles away) why wasn't there anything in the middle of the field? disabled access and baby facilities poor (over heard from conversations) why cant we have an auto test or drag strip like they do in mainland Europe? (safe and controlled) I had a great weekend and will attend no matter where it is and all credit to all involved from the overall organising through to the club. Well done. But bring back Billing is all I will say, its just a better venue which is also able to adapt to different situations which may arise.
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    I finally managed to make it to a Midlands pub meeting last Friday and took th old B series out for a spin, to clear away some cobwebs prior to UnBilling. Great to see that everyone that came along arrived in a Manta. Awesome! New landlord and a brand new menu at the Racehorse Inn, Warwick. Third Friday of every month in case you were wondering!
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    A great time was had by all at this show, weather was fantastic. Lots of luv for our cars over the weekend & had a couple of Manta owners turn up in the classic car park. Best bit for us as a club was Simon Chapman winning runner up in the "car of the show" category. Here's some pics of Simons car & Simon receiving the award.
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    I appreciate you are not in it for profit, selling on parts doesn't need to be for profit, but if you are weighing in parts that would keep other mantas on the road that's a waste. Completely yours to do with as you wish but still if they could help other Manta owners keep their car on the road it isn't really in keeping with the clubs aim of preserving Mantas That said no one has cut up more Mantas than Manta enthusiasts over the years
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    Hmmmm this all sounds rather familiar sounds like the same kind of excuse you gave me last year when you were supposed to be paying me !! You must be so unlucky with PayPal,as I have never been suspended from PayPal just saying !
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    -I personally think the whole weekend was a success considering the new venue etc. -The issues highlighted were bound to happen really with unknown number potential and break in traditional roll of events and people organising. -with this years experinece over the improvements are obvious and hopefully public numbers will increase. -was good too see quite a few European members in attendance too. -the marquee was too bloody hot to sit under lol no breeze! -deffo get the BBQ back again from previous years and try and encourage a layout around the marquee to bring everyone together -maybe our own omoc Loos could be a good idea especially for the lady members of the club.
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    only went for the day ( Saturday ) so the timetable of events was perfect for me no issues with the toilets only needed a pee mind only issue i had was having to drive through the middle of the field to get out as i drove in along the fence line when i arrived and that made more sense , could not leave that way due to members of another club blocking the route and too stupid to see common sense also enjoyed Mr Broadbents organisational skills and passion Thank you
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    I no a bit about this subject , legal no . If any body goes down that road , bitter concerquences . 4 crimes straight away , fraud deception and theft , and perjury , and one other planning and excuting , and the c p s will throw the book at the so called idear. First offence , will not be a fine or probation. Prison sentence at her m p. You will never have the police of your backs . The perjury and fraud parts are the big part. And falsifying . And that just the start, a criminal record. For wot because you are des pride for help yer but the legal way. But for a peice of metal .
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    We are not promoting 'ringing' we are now telling people how to spot a ringer. Panel dates, i cant recall seeing every panel but if you use an ID from the same year that is that loop filled too. "stay tuned folks as next week we cover 'cut n shuts' ha ha"
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    I don't get this, as much as we like mantas there isn't enough to keep us there all day, so why people cant get around on the Saturday to view other clubs is beyond me. I just think Sunday is missing something, maybe arrange the club meeting on the Sunday or something as its not making work for anybody else. This isnt nit picking it just making something that's good even better. Lots of love, Danny. ;-)
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    Great reply Ian. I still stand by what i say and do we really think the council will put roads, toilets and other services in???? NO. Next year if we end up back there it will be the same with just more portable toilets. Also why on gods green earth would you put the biggest club and the best cars (Mantas) the furthest away??? doesn't make sense.
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    Gone and bought a roll over spit today fitted up with car should have bought one years ago makes life a lot easier
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    I'll see your newspaper and raise you......... Back when microwaves were new my mother cooked a steam pudding and it was that bad that when she threw it down the yard even the dog would not eat it. So we shoved it in my mates wheel arch and cut the top off with a saw and skimmed it
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    As most have said above,great weekend. Well done to all those involved in organizing the vboa meet & omoc stand. The arena could maybe in the middle making it a more focal point. I thought the band on Saturday night was a fantastic idea,it also helps to get interaction between all clubs that attend. Also if a bar & food stalls around there the whole thing would have a good social feel to it. I have to agree with previous comments that from a club level there needs to be something on Sunday to keep people there. It no seems Friday & Saturday are the busiest 2 days. These are not moans,far from it just my thoughts
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    First up, thanks to all that organised it. I don't imagine it was easy. I think a great time was had by all (I did!) The set up and staff at the gate were spot on. Got in and out a lot quicker than billing. Got to the M1 before my engine got crazy hot, whereas at Billing it was touch and go. (possibly not a consideration for vboa.......) Like others, the big open space in the middle was weird. It was a fair hike across to the showers and autojumble. I don't know if they needed them up there for water and power by the building but I'd say it needs a rethink. Was good to see them respond to the shortage of thunderboxes down our end, tho annoying it arose in the first place. Billing had the advantage of shops on site, petrol station with shop, bars, restaurant all a short walk away. And a cash machine. That's not something that's easily sorted at mkt harborough, but a beer tent (with decent beer!) and more than a burger/toasty would be handy. If the beer tent was only open til, e.g. 6 or 7 then I'd say its not gonna cause huge problems. Its not like the site will be a 'dry zone' any way. If it did rain, I trust they'd have plenty matting for the access road to get out at the end so it didn't turn into a swamp.
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    I've just bought the red coupe with the plant growing through it. If you had read the description it has had the floor pans removed. Comes with few extras in my eyes was a good buy. I've got two gte coupes now. The way I see it some people can't see beyond the rust some good parts with the car that are worth buying.
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    Hi Nick, I had a rumage around last night and could only find GT/E badges, not the Recaro ones. I'm pretty sure I didnt give them away but I;;l probably have to search after the weekend now. Its time I went and washed the Silver B.
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    How in Gods name could they say that replaced the Manta! The only similarity is the rear quarter light !
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    Greet you all. Everyone who is in the present from 2008 starts the "manta" adventure that I want to sell but I can not give up. I do not know what I can say here but I did everything except paint After a while, this hobby came to me as a disease. Now, instead of just dealing with all the parts I dismantled at the same time as I started to draw in the CAD environment. ( On the link you can see the 3D model of a few small pieces I made about manta - https://grabcad.com/harun.arik-2/projects ) I hope we can make better exchanges with you here. **Sorry for my bad English
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