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    Hi, 1st post. Quick run down of my Manta project: Bought this about 4 years ago. Usual story, back from pub one eve and got browsing ebay. Ended up 'wining' this delightful looking example: Lhd, 1977 Dutch registered with a C20XE. Had been used for road rallys or something in Holland. Scruffy looking but pretty solid as it turned out, only needed some minor brake work for its MOT. Took it on a track day at Goodwood and within 4 sessions the brakes turned to mush and the gearbox ate itself. Although it handled quite nicely it was way too slow. So within a matter of days an absolute wreck of a Carlton GSI was acquired as an engine/gearbox doner. Plan was to fit it all up then strip and overhaul the engine - that never quite happened, the engine/gearbox went in for a trial fit and never came out again. Bloody thing weighed a ton and trying to drag it up and down a gravel drive on an engine crane was just too much for one person. Another track day at Goodwood was organised (it's just up the road from me so not too far to drag it back if it dies again). Whilst it went a lot better the handling went to crap and the brakes...err! Handling was sorted by some very stiff front springs and some adjustable AVO shocks that the Alfa specialist next to me was chucking out whilst having a tidy up. Brakes via eBay: Another trackday and much better. Although the brake pedal was too long for my liking, again, it did stop a lot better but could really do with some more poke. I'd turbo'd an old BMW some years ago and had removed all the parts before I sold the car. It was a similar straight six setup with a cast, two part exhaust manifold that used a bolt on adapter to attach the turbo. So, a couple of weekends later I knocked up this from some weld Els and odds an sods: At the same time I fitted a 400 body kit and painted it NATO green with a roller. I was originally after some arch repair panels but, as usual, spent several times the amount on a whole body kit. The DIY paint job was purely to keep cost down. So far, it doesn't owe me a great deal. Anyway, it now looks like this: Another track day highlighted some further issues namely the head gasket wasn't up to it! So, the head came off and to be fair the gasket came out in one piece as though it had been done before prior to the car being layed up. Only they hadn't bothered skimming the head as I had to have 20 thou taken off of it. The chain tensioner also had some issues, this is how it came out: It turns out that tensioners for these engines are nigh on unobtainable so I made one: It was subsequently lined with a piece of cast nylon milled to shape. A decompression plate was made from 1.5mm alloy sheet, bigger injectors fitted and a 1 bar actuator. The previous one was only 0.5 bar. It's now back on the road, just needs some further mapping work and then back to Goodwood for another track day. A larger brake master cylinder from a Monza was fitted which has improved the pedal feel. It REALLY needs an lsd as traction is now an issue. First time I opened it up a bit, as the boost gauge hit 10psi the throttle jammed open and it took off like a stabbed rat. Investigation lead me to think that the throttle return springs aren't up to the additional boost. I have just fitted an additional, much stronger one which will hopefully sort the issue.
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    I just popped in an old cd tonight that I haven't looked at in years , found some pics I would like to share. I am certain some of you will recognise the cars. I remember speaking to the manta owner , I am sure he came from Lanarkshire. I got some pics of the great man himself Colin. I hope you enjoy them. Don't think I will get them all on in one go. the next lot! My wife just asked me if I am allowed to upload these pics? Sorry if I shouldn't have.
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    Well known in the club , I bought this from Neil in Yorkshire over 2 years ago. Unfortunately last year,due to loss of job I had to sell it but a previous owner bought it back and it returned to Scotland. The new owner had a change of heart and sold the car on , to an uncommitted new owner who decided to "under seal" the car, then offer it up for sale. Its months away from my warm garage and cosseted care has seen a fair bit of deterioration on the body condition which I am temporarily treating - it reminded me how much first Manta literally disintegrated being outside over a Glasgow winter. Jobs done in the last few weeks: full wash and wax full day taking the underseal overspray off the paintwork oil and filter change coolant flush and change superglue the drivers door pocket that someone had carelessly "booted" fixed both the door speakers (loose connections) ordered a full new exhaust ! changed the fuel filter Plan is to use it for the next couple of months then put it in dehumidified storage until it can be stripped and fully restored to original spec with a 5 speed and PAS conversion. if anyone has any NOS parts for this they want to sell then let me know as I will be collecting them gradually as I can afford prior to restoration. I'll be losing the boot spoiler!
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    Where's the engine? At least mine has an engine My very long ongoing cosworth project here Andys probably will be finished before mine
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    This arrived today ,going to be a 400 rally car replica ,not mine alas just doing all the welding and kit fitting ready for paint ,belongs to a friend Will update as it goes along 👍😄
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    did manage to get the back axle finished for race retro
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    It's been while Ian, but.. No.. Paint still not on. Bog sand, bog sand, bog sand over and over Tom want's the body work to be better than my red coupe on this so it's all in the prep. Finally found the other spacer and then moved on to cutting out the inner arch on the last wing to clear the wheels. Me, doing my Magic bit with the magic marker just before the magic angle grinder Measure twice, cut once I managed to find all the parts for the headlights and after nearly 10 years the lights are in and they work again Arch sykaflex stuck into place and the car getting straighter day by day Fingers crossed it will be ready for Billing
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    Here you are... All original ! Rotor arm is from 1984...
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    It's been a year of long hours evenings and weekends to get my manta to this stage. I have now replaced the spare wheel well, both driver and passenger floorpans, both straight sections of chassis rails under the floorpans, both inner and outer swan necks, both front jacking points, both A pillar sections forward of the door hinges, washer bottle tray, battery tray and repaired behind both headlights plus various other small patches. I have replaced all the rubber bushes in the front subframe and refurbished it with top and bottom ball joints, track rod ends and new steering rack gators and a new coat of paint. The back subframe has been treated to a new coat of paint also. Next job now is both back wheel arches and both sills then that should see the welding completed, this I hope all going to plan will be approx June/July time. A few photos to let you see how she is sitting today.
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    Pushing for new billing this year, fully sandblasted and all rot cut out, all welding done. 100 hours in that alone.. Front and rear axles and suspension stripped and ready for blasting and paint. 16 litres of underseal and raptor Chassis strengthened with extra box sections and 3mm plate where required. Engine stripped The big sandblaster will be busy for a while to come now. 100s of parts to do My spare work lathe being donated and set up as a polishing station Watch this space
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    Its really easy - put (more) tax on fuel and abolish road tax completely - remove all of that bureaucracy and overhead costs. Your drive more or your car is less efficient then you pay more as you use more fuel - simple!
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    Lights & Bumper now on final fit
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    Just a few images for you guys to check out! I've covered the entire bulkhead with heat reflective sound proofing, also today I have just fitted the wings and side skirts! She's finally starting to look like a finished car. Another picture is me removing all the old panel sealant off the wings. I have used a High grade seam sealer to replace it with.
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    Hi all, just found a 1985 GTE hatch in a garage that was in need of a new life, so I had to have it, I am not that familiar with using forums so bare with me.My last project was a triumph stag, I also own a Capri, cant wait to here the manta run again. Hopefully with your help and advice it wont be to long. Mark
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    Soon comes around but still a great way to spend £25 for what you get from here why would you not
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    It's only the front inner wings that's ford and axles the rest is manta it's on a manta chassis not ford
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    Yes that what I thought when I found add on eBay as classic car and not listed as Opel manta A
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    Hi All I just joined in the Club and i hope to help and to be helped. I know many about cars as i have owned for 13 years an Opel Kadett D and writing in mk1oc.com. Now i have bought an Opel Manta B 1.3S GT 240.000 km with sunroof . The car is totally unsprayed and in original condition. There are no holes no previous accidents no . The seller was first owner and gave me the receipt of purchase in Deutsche Marks ... I will upload pictures so you can see the car and i guess that if i need your advice i can ask for it ! Thank you for accepting me as a member of the manta club forum. My best wishes from Sunny Greece.
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    Could not find my shrunken stretcher jaws anywhere!! Had to mak do with what I had to had to make this and make some slits. New piece for boot channel
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    This is the start. was going to start two years ago but due to my son having a serious accident it was put on hold. Taking my time gathering a few parts etc.
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    Thank you all for the welcome... I am in Saloniki right now and all day I and 2 good friends were working on the Manta....I have many to show to you boys but today i will share with you the purchase receipt of the original owner. 6
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    All seams finished now and blended nicely. Will Hopefully get the front end on completely today Will Upload Images Later
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    My Manta Coupe was registered in July 76. Went to the post office yesterday and they gave me free tax and sent away the V5 to get changed to historic status, to be honest it was easy and straight forward.
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    I think the later body parts look wrong on the pre '82 cars. It reminds me of the days when people tried to make their older cars look like later ones and the whole colour keyed '80's trend doesn't go with the lighter styling and the chrome detailing The only thing I think is OK is the period Irmscher rubber spoiler that was in the accessories catalogue around 1980 that I have fitted to RBY. I still don't think it would look right on an SR anyway but this one sits atop the lid and wing tops without dropping onto the rear lip
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    3 at the mo lol Defo an addict
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    Am sure you chaps will do it justice. Hope to see it at the vboa show.17 might be a push but defo 18 ?
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    Hi iv just bought a manta as a project. The car is a white manta gte coupe, the car is very rotten. I joined today as i am hopeing some of you can help me with advise and places where i can purchase parts to help me with my build. When iget chance i will upload some photos of the car. Cheers kyle.
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    I had to borrow from another member a jig to keep the front trailing arm bolt holes in the right place when I replaced the swan necks, these parts I had to fabricate myself as I could not find a supplier selling these. I used 3mm steel for the inner sections, cut them out in one section so I ended up with 4 parts, two for each side, and salvaged the little crush pipe inside for the bolt from the old ones then used 1mm steel for the outer covers it took a lot of prep and a while to complete but the end job was worth it.
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    Hi Stu. The OMOC will be attending some shows in the summer but because of insurance you can not put a car on a club stand unless you are a fully paid member of the OMOC. This was an issue discussed at the AGM. Regards. Kev. Edit, there is nothing stopping you going as an individual of course
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    This for sale topic may not yet available be for your usergroup
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    A bit pricey perhaps, but it does look very nice: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Opel-Manta-GT-E-Exclusive-Coupe-/322485302257?_trksid=p2141725.m3641.l6368 Not 100% convinced about the Diamond cut finish on the alloys.
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    The rear seat belts are how MOT guys leave them There is no MOT history online My guess is the last time it was driven was to and from an MOT station, and as belts like that I would guess it failed. Oh and the rear right bumper corner is turned out which usually means it's had a rear panel However, it still looks a straight low owner car and could be gift or nightmare.
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    Hi Guys I've just had my renewal through from Hagerty classic car insurance for my Ascona, Manta SRB & Manta A SR. I have all three cars with them under a comprehensive policy which includes breakdown & recovery. Each car is limited to 1500 miles PA I have an agreed value of £7K on the A, £6K on the B & £5K on the Ascona which I will ask them to raise by 15%. The cost for renewal (based on the present valuations) is £234 for all three cars, that's £78 per car. I think I will renew at that price.
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    A red hatch shell has just popped up on eBay. Being sold by a member on here. Looks very solid apart from chassis rails and a bit on the front floor/ A panel. Something strange been done to the 4 slot to make it a big 2 slot, and extra hole cut in front spoiler. Between that and the lack of any engine mounts on the crossmember i guess it either had or was going to have a different engine in it. www.ebay.co.uk/itm/182520772873
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    Try using washers under the nut. It will be the nylon ring causing the spindle to turn, use washers so your just tightening on the plain threads. You should be able to tighten the joint so the taper gets hold, remove the nut and washers and then replace the nut1 HTH Chris
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    Yes Dave you are right it does, Now ive seen a blue one in the flesh thats exactly the same as mine i might go ahead and get it painted and fitted.
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    The chin spoiler looks great IMO on Chrome bumpered Manta B's as well as Cav Coupes
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    With the money you save on tax Stu, you can join the club
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    Poorly prepped body prior to fitment and car will be getting full bare metal preservation and paint
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    That's fantastic, my black Coupe is still a jigsaw but that's inspiring
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    My 2 cents...I would vote against closing the forum posting to non-members, for the following reason: Lets says I have a problem with my Manta in the morning. I post up a description of the problem, looking for help, on the forum. If this proposal is passed, a non-club member cannot offer me any advice or help. Therefore my chances of getting it fixed would be greatly reduced. How does this help me keep my car on the road? (BTW, if finally, in desperation, I post my issue on the Facebook page, and get the answer I needed, it's Facebook 1, Forum 0.) I've got lots of help with various questions over the years. Although I'm a club member, I always post them in the 'Basic Tech Help' section, because it's open, thereby increasing my chances of getting an answer. What is the ratio of 'club members' to 'registered forum mumbers'? I guess maybe 1:4 or 1:3? Or the ratio of 'Club members' to 'Facebook page members'? I guess maybe 1:10? So if we make this change, the chance of a person getting help with an issue, or any sort of question, on the forum, is greatly reduced than today. Someone said that the club was for preserving the Manta, not the club, and this is bang on. If you've lived and slept Mantas for 10 or 20 years, maybe you don't need to ask too many questions, but for the rest of us, reducing the chances of getting the help we need on the forum would be a backward step., it would reduce the chances of us being able to continue enjoying our cars. Fin
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    This pretty much hits the nail on the head Without the Manta there is no club, exposure is everything. Im a bit of an odd example being on the other side of the world, but still, i consider myself a Manta enthusiast. I want to come to this forum basically to share my build with other members paid or not, for which I have made a very detailed thread with plenty of pictures and information should anyone be stupid enough to want to emulate it.. I also want to see other members build threads and enjoy / learn from them. That's basically all i want, and am realistically going to use from the club, but I cannot unless I Pay....... I feel that's a fair issue for you to vote on at your AGM, if it was not discussed in the open section would you even realize it was an issue?