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    Many many weeks have passed in prep, the car was straight but it needed massaging to get the lines perfect and seeing as the arches came from another car and the skirts I made from 4 standard manta skirts it came out ok I'm trying to add pics from photobucket but it's just too hard so I will add a couple and be done Why we cant host our own photos is beyond me I'm sure mantadoc will be in telling me why and photo sizes but I just cant be arsed messing any more there is months of work and hundreds of pics but its just far too hard to put hem here any more, it's taken hours of passwords and uploads and click this and that and stop this at that add on photobucket and I just CBA Yes me moaning again on an edit, the club is cash rich... can we please please for the love of God get a better easy to use website................please.............please..........the forum is dead.............a dead forum will not generate more members and if it is so hard to update a thread or add pics then people will continue to use faceache and we all lose Have another pic
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    More work completed by Andrew, Loz and I over the weekend.Stripped and built the doors with the green glass I have been storing for years The paint looks stunning but the hardest part was done by Tom the body man at Andrews who did my red coupe prep. De locked looks great Sunroof wiring extended to move the switch Loads more trim blasted and painted Engine bay being put back together Parts hunt into the loft scored gold Mirrors painted and fitted, door glass trim modified to suit bonnet needs mesh and gas struts I pulled two headlinings out of the loft ready to fit. Turned out they were bloody non sunroof coupe ones! Durr, more hunting found two hatch ones, non sunroof and sunroof. the manta sunroof one won't fit as the calibra hole is in a different place. Headlining now is the most pressing part as the rest of the interior and glass fits all around it Drain tubes fitted
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    We wanted more depth to the irmscher ascona b twin light setup as the originals left the lights stuck out too far. So I got creative and looked around for a way to get more depth, playing with just a set of glass convinced me that's what I needed to do That's a better depth, hmmmmm, how to achieve it.... Looking around the lab the air con tube looked the correct size so I tried a manta headlight in I had lying around. I bought a length of tube and cut it up Ascona b irmsher twin light bezels are easy to get so I chopped these up Added extra sections and glued them together Top result
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    Didn't think get into the garage until lunchtime today with sorting bloody fleet insurance out! 3 hours of calls and emailing, anyway tackled the drivers doors as it's the not so worse one but still a challenge. Still couldn't find my shrinking jaws so just bodged up the repair panels best I could in sections. Bottom front corner, pitted everywhere as usual Got the curved major section in first to work from, then chopped out the lower corner as it had holes through Sorry forgot to take some finished pics! Then into other end Buzzed back with flap wheel and power file for hard to reach bits Then this real awkward one Loads of nastiness hiding behind, this was cut out further up too to be sure. Treated it all, I'm not taking all the the thicker steel out. Got it that all plated up and smoothed back to profile. 7 hours work alone there on one door. Now the passenger one is not so easy. It's a mess. Im having a new lower repair section folded up as it's totally gone, and the outer lower skin will need doing too. If any one has a passenger door in reasonable fettle id be grateful!!!
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    Hi Stuart, One I had not heard of, old fashioned company too, might just give this one a try, I recently painted ours in RED, so would like to keep that way Spent a lot of time getting it right, don't want to waste it, many thanks. Disco Wet flat, machined, Ta Da.
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    She's coming along, bit more work for the body man than he anticipated but he reckons the shell should be done by the weekend.
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    More doors, I have had to resort to using one of better doors from the V8 project as time is against me, going on family hols for a week Monday and ian the painter want the panels tomorrow to get cracking. Bith doors need the wing mirror hole welding up, by once buzzed down were pitted to buggery. So just cut out and plated. The 'decent door' still needed a repair section letting in on the bottom. Not as mint as I thought it was so I do t feel so bad about using it now! Oh and the shell is back couple of bit are going to need sorting but he needed out of the workshop. And I spotted some runs on the sills and missed area at the back. But the most frustrating for us both is the pi hole below one of the rear vents. Ian thought it was a screw hole for a badge but alas it is not it was a pinhole from buzzing back some rust. He reckons it can be sorted, I hope so or its a full repainted of re quarter! But that aside I'm very pleased with how it has turned out. Chris (mantray) will vouch how rough the original paint job was. Ian has done a sterling job of the very bad rear quarter where it had a fire in the boot.
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    Working in Germany last week, managed to spot a couple of older Opel's. Excuse the quality of the 'drive-by' pics. The car I was in was side-swiped by a van as I was taking the photos of the Manta!
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    So having sold my project Gte excluisve last year due not having proper storage i think it lay in an old cattle shed/barn for around 3 years without been touched. Anyway this year i finally built a small garage for the other few opels/vauxhalls i have and well it didnt take long for the manta search to start. i picked up this 1987 opel manta gte bought it over the phone and with only seeing 2 photos, A little mad you might think...Well i do agree, but sometimes you have to take a chance, its got rust and lots of it in all the usual manta areas, but its complete and it a running a c20xe along with an 1800 alloy wing sump & 5 speed box, SBD manifold, jetex rally system, SBD kevlar clutch, lowered uprated springs, Adj Koni shocks..... i think its going to be a great base for the 400 rep i plan on doing, ill upload a few photos, see what you guys think and as the project moves along ill keep you updated. %5BURL=http://s1289.photobucket.com/user/stephenlevin1620/media/IMG_2013_zpscfjdrhrj.jpg.html%5D%5BIMG%5Dhttp://i1289.photobucket.com/albums/b506/stephenlevin1620/IMG_2013_zpscfjdrhrj.jpg%5B/IMG%5D%5B/URL%5D %5BURL=http://s1289.photobucket.com/user/stephenlevin1620/media/IMG_2009_zpslphwlz5c.jpg.html%5D%5BIMG%5Dhttp://i1289.photobucket.com/albums/b506/stephenlevin1620/IMG_2009_zpslphwlz5c.jpg%5B/IMG%5D%5B/URL%5D %5BURL=http://s1289.photobucket.com/user/stephenlevin1620/media/IMG_1993_zpsse938g2s.jpg.html%5D%5BIMG%5Dhttp://i1289.photobucket.com/albums/b506/stephenlevin1620/IMG_1993_zpsse938g2s.jpg%5B/IMG%5D%5B/URL%5D %5BURL=http://s1289.photobucket.com/user/stephenlevin1620/media/IMG_1992_zpsxmvkgidd.jpg.html%5D%5BIMG%5Dhttp://i1289.photobucket.com/albums/b506/stephenlevin1620/IMG_1992_zpsxmvkgidd.jpg%5B/IMG%5D%5B/URL%5D %5BURL=http://s1289.photobucket.com/user/stephenlevin1620/media/IMG_1987_zpsdjm0cdla.jpg.html%5D%5BIMG%5Dhttp://i1289.photobucket.com/albums/b506/stephenlevin1620/IMG_1987_zpsdjm0cdla.jpg%5B/IMG%5D%5B/URL%5D %5BURL=http://s1289.photobucket.com/user/stephenlevin1620/media/IMG_1986_zps4t0zu1he.jpg.html%5D%5BIMG%5Dhttp://i1289.photobucket.com/albums/b506/stephenlevin1620/IMG_1986_zps4t0zu1he.jpg%5B/IMG%5D%5B/URL%5D %5BURL=http://s1289.photobucket.com/user/stephenlevin1620/media/IMG_1985_zpsfcamib8k.jpg.html%5D%5BIMG%5Dhttp://i1289.photobucket.com/albums/b506/stephenlevin1620/IMG_1985_zpsfcamib8k.jpg%5B/IMG%5D%5B/URL%5D %5BURL=http://s1289.photobucket.com/user/stephenlevin1620/media/IMG_1984_zpsyxoi1wj0.jpg.html%5D%5BIMG%5Dhttp://i1289.photobucket.com/albums/b506/stephenlevin1620/IMG_1984_zpsyxoi1wj0.jpg%5B/IMG%5D%5B/URL%5D %5BURL=http://s1289.photobucket.com/user/stephenlevin1620/media/34AE36E9-9A58-42BA-A72D-6F231A9E1106_zpsszys8a1q.jpg.html%5D%5BIMG%5Dhttp://i1289.photobucket.com/albums/b506/stephenlevin1620/34AE36E9-9A58-42BA-A72D-6F231A9E1106_zpsszys8a1q.jpg%5B/IMG%5D%5B/URL%5D
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    Yes that what I thought when I found add on eBay as classic car and not listed as Opel manta A
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    Just had to buy another manta last 3 yrs done 2 tr7v8 Tony pond reps and a Toyota celica gt4 Carlos saintz edition but I'm stuck with the manta bug so it's a 79 non sunroof coupe soda blasted floor in and out fully seam welded .. dry fitting all parts at the moment so when I spray her it's just the matter of putting back together I'll keep pics coming on here as the project comes along here's a couple to start
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    Hi, as you will understand from the title, this was a complete adventure for me. Photos of all stages are available but it will take some time to edit and add them. But in general I believe these photos will give you an idea. I did all the work myself except the car bodywork and paint. Basically if I need to summarize the constructions, here are some of them; Rollcage with ST52 STEEL DRAWING ( I had to get a welding machine to do it ) Stainless steel gasoline tank (40 liters) Spool differential (4140 material with heat treatment) Electric water pump (I have been struggling to get the size of the aluminum flange required for installation ) Acrylic rear wing windows Fiberglass trunk lid and bonnet Regeneration of all bushes to 90 shore PE Making new adjustment shims to give a castor angle Giving the camber angle by cutting and welding the front lower swings Conversion from carburetor to injection New aluminum fuel rail for conversion of original injectors to EV6 Megasquirt ECU ( manufactured by myself ) Adapt the timing gear to the original crankshaft Electrical installation renewal (2 times and I think it will be 3 with this going ) These are the things that come to mind for now. I hope it will be clearer when I edit and add all pictures. https://goo.gl/photos/jCS9WqQ9AYWxxoak8 https://goo.gl/photos/xKeke1KegzVr7ooj9 https://goo.gl/photos/p7MSJMRbP8W1uzfR7 https://goo.gl/photos/NNerHt8BaHQSH2XMA https://goo.gl/photos/Gyc49xyrCYXt92wL9 https://goo.gl/photos/jtwzTfYcKeJ2KcHx5 https://goo.gl/photos/j3HC9iGKoy45Mow58 https://goo.gl/photos/7e93qW8BHFVRUdVL7 https://goo.gl/photos/iTjeXGY9JJKi82787 https://goo.gl/photos/pYnDBDswTvHt6S1w5 https://goo.gl/photos/rAixTLKqwdB7Hfcj7 https://goo.gl/photos/ZCK37yeKCkYbjazJA https://goo.gl/photos/Ye45eewvjCXQgkMz9 https://goo.gl/photos/ySYGNbbkWZTz32bJ6 https://goo.gl/photos/HgTV7UCmuiZYcQDg8 https://goo.gl/photos/sdco9mThVoEy6n796 https://goo.gl/photos/7vmbtP9cNZj22k469 https://goo.gl/photos/NRNQc6CV9iARa9VN8 https://goo.gl/photos/g9uTkp8yYW4ijxav6
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    So it has all been welded, talk about a pile of rust on the floor. Anyway it's all rust treated inside and out. New wing, lowered, exclusive bits added! 400 mirrors on. Next is the interior to put back in. Wire up the lights and fog light in tear reversing light.
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    That's a good call on that one mate .I do remember that thread,i would imagine that run has gone now. Problem is,if you can call it that, I have found a supplier (Germany) with this fabricas fitted to earlier opels.
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    Got the new Sportex system on, it's settled down after a few miles - it sounded as bad as the old blowing one initially but now sounds quite good and reminds me of my boy racer days along time ago when I had a Piper straight-through on my Cavalier SRi130
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    Manta on the move again, Bigger garage now so I can actually get to work on it finally oh and the cat picture was from move in day, She's an old moggie who decided one day that she was moving in( think She was the old lady's cat who passed on from over the road) so we brought her with us.... you guessed it she climbed up alright but couldn't get back down
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    8mm microbore, one roll will do the car. £10 ish from b&q I once told Dan it was 10mm for a laugh.... Oh how he struggled
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    Calipers went off to Bigg Red last week And came back this week... Great service and quality, for £129. sunroof repair and final paint in two weeks time. Hopefully back on the road permanently, first week of June.
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    Also over the past week (or so) I have insulated the cockpit of the car, and fitted most of the interior, all apart from the drivers seat as getting to the pedal box area is a pain with it in. If you are looking for something to clean the interior with I am amazed at the JML magic eraser. Just use clean cold water and keep rinsing it out and change the water regular. My door cards and seats had a brown tinge to them and its cleaned them up almost like new and restored the original colour.
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    Paint is easy, it is the prep that makes the paint job Yep the wheels are staying on it, the car now needs dropping on the floor by about 3 inch Now starting the work on the satin trim and heads down for new billing Loft hunt for all the trim I pulled from a car Andy Rutter scrapped 10 years ago and a hunt in the loft for the green exclusive hatch glass When your little Brother need help you need to get your A game on
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    Hi everyone just thought I would post some more photos of my car ,I was out taking some pictures to send to fellow manta owner 1900SR who want some pictures of distances of the pinstripes regards sie
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    Davids new car no jealous not one bit lol
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    This for sale topic may not yet available be for your usergroup
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    Good luck finding one of them. Its not for sale yet as i need to get through the to-do list and then paint it along with using it a bit so I know everything is right and its reliable before it finds a new home.
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    Just had to buy another manta last 3 yrs done 2 tr7v8 Tony pond reps and a Toyota celica gt4 Carlos saintz edition but I'm stuck with the manta bug so it's a 79 non sunroof coupe soda blasted floor in and out fully seam welded .. dry fitting all parts at the moment so when I spray her it's just the matte of putting back together I'll keep pics coming on here as the project comes along here's a couple to starrstart
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    Today's work was rust proof and paint the floors inside. And then refit the interior. Items this week are front lights, new bumper, fog light mod, side repeaters and radio. Then fettle the running issue (think its the fuel relay) anyway it's another one dragged from hiding & being put slowly back on the road.
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    Tackling the passenger door! got to get it done by end of play Saturday as hopefully picking up the painted shell. mick my metal man did a perfect job on the repair panels that I've had done, hey are spot on fit.
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    I work in Crewe just of Wistaston Road nr Stubbs and Jewson's if that is near you? I don't live in the area so depending on times I might be able to assist. I work Mon - Fri usually 0700 -1500. I think it's Pat that lives near Leighton Hospital. I keep getting told that there is another Manta owner who works for my employer DB Cargo, but I have never seen the car/owner yet.
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    Yep mega rare I've got a set just paranoid incase they get damaged and would like spares!
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    Exactly chris. For the time it would of took me to fab a version up it works out cheaper to go earn the money. Squeezing the hours in around work and family. mangaged to get both bumpers shaved and primed. Totally smooth now. Need very little filling thank god. An hours worth of panel beating though on the sections that fill the number plate lights on the rear
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    Painter has agreed date to start. Nice and local which is great got the rest of my front subframe parts powder coated which is great im going to have the bumpers chrome powder coated, was going to have em black gloss but I do like chrome, a rechrome is ridiculous amount of money, so next best thing. Will be welding in studs for a smooth look. shifter from retropower is here.
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    I've never liked those lights for that very reason! I do now!!
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    Picked up the A from chris today and back at father in laws for a bit. Hopefully the painter is coming round to check it out over weekend and price up the next stage of work, wrapped up to keep any water at bay. ill be cracking in with getting the doors into some sort of order tomorrow
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    Kevin, Rather than use Photobucket, get yourself a free Flickr account. All you need do then is copy & paste the link in the address bar and voila, the photo(s) are embedded within your post. Much easier that using Photobucket. Anyway, the car is looking great!
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    Got one in my Unit in blackburn Lancashire. £100
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    19 fails on the MOT. Not too bad, some welding (not loads but a fair amount), lights want a going through (quads going in) and the brakes need a good going through so all in all it should be on the road in a few weeks and then off to paint in June.