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  4. Hi Adam, B600 OEA did not go to Ireland, although I believe both the other cars you mention did.
  5. I have been out Monday Tuesday night this week, not likely you managed Aberdeen on your trip. I met a guy with a mk1 escort who had pulled over to take a pic of my 400r with his escort behind. He was so excited to see the 400r. He was 40 ish and had never seen a manta in the flesh before. Only place I see them is on the nephews x box.........I often get thumbs up from cars and bikes when I am out. There hopefully will be a couple out on the roads up this way next year! There are a few guys busy in their garages last year and this year , hoping to be on the road for next year. Just added this pic of my v8 on a road run ...........last year, best I can offer!!
  6. As long as the weather is OK I'm planning on taking the A to Wansford (near Peterborough) for this, does anyone else fancy it?
  7. Its a shame more are not out and about, when the sun's out, there's nothing better than taking her for a blast, the looks you get are priceless, I was stopped by the police last year just so they could have a look.
  8. Would have just missed you as I think we were in Blackpool by then.
  9. I can give you chaps number who is about half a hour from Newcastle on the a69 who's good with old cars and he's a old bloke but he's good just retired. He would be the man done a job for me on a mark one Mexico for me.
  10. Ours was out on Tuesday, Drove down the A55 for a quick blast, but only seen a silver manta on the A55 some time "12/18 months ago".
  11. I Imagine there must of been some engine, interior abs running gear designs?
  12. how way man , kid school holidays near money again for 6 weeks .get it marra. lol
  13. After dipping our toe in Scotland we have now settled in er, Settle, North Yorkshire for the night. Still nothing yet except for an old Allegro.
  14. Whaaaat??
  15. It's interesting, but unless the intended spec is known what can you do with it? It'll always be a "not right" frankencar no matter how good.
  16. Just seen this on Ebay
  17. Have a look on I am unsure on Mk's of Astra after E (Opel), 2 (Vauxhall) Mine has Frod Serria calipers on the back with XR3 discs, it is what came with the axle.
  18. Team Manta North West do it again, all bits sorted (for the moment).. Thanks to Danny & Kev Abbott. Cheers.
  19. Then it's time for the 6 weeks head acke,time to put projects to bed again until the we
  20. This for sale topic may not yet available be for your usergroup
  21. Should be a type 400 but just after they changed to a Phillips 752 which was from 87 on (ish) go for that as it has FM
  22. What radio would have been fitted in a 86 gte from new? I'd like to replace the modern pish sticking out my dash board
  23. Haven't seen one out and about for ages, last time I stumbled across one it was all sad and neglected on someones driveway, other than that there are always a few dotting around at Carl's when I nip over for bits.
  24. Yes, reaching over from roof side with hoist i would lift the shell slightly from that point, just enough to remove the upper spit mount out of the rail. Then lower again leaving lower spit mount and ust touch the axle stand, but leave the hoist under tension too. I think that would be easily sufficient to hold the shell in alignment while taking the full rail out and not needed a lot of bracing welded on to hold it in place.
  25. This for sale topic may not yet available be for your usergroup
  26. Hi folks i am still in need of a full stainless system if anybody has one lying around!!!?? If anyone is considering breaking a car in the near future which has one please let me know!! thanks Alan A
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