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  2. Hi all, I need a new alternator for my GT/E at the moment as the current one is low on voltage. I'm surprised how hard these are to find compared to other versions - does anyone know of a good supplier in the UK? There seem to be different ratings too - I've seen 45, 55 and 65 A. Anyone know what's normal for a standard GT/E, and if there's any detrimental result in using a higher rating? Thanks and best regards Stuart
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  4. No ideas, no preference ? No one can say definitely which calipers set is better to use...
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  6. Thank god your removing the boot spoiler, the car looked so much better before Neil fitted it. Nice to know that a genuine low mileage Manta is in good hands.
  7. Relisted and price dropped £500 to £6250 probably still too high for the amount of work it will need.
  8. Lee, that all sounds like a bit of a nightmare and im surprised Thomas wasn't more helpful, he usually is. It's a shame to hear he didn't get back to you. Still good to see you have it all sorted (which is more than i can say for mine!!) did you take any pics of the master cylinder setup? would be interesting to see and maybe helpful for others. Still glad its all up and running now :-) Andy
  9. Can anyone tell me where I can buy the poly bushes for number 17 part of the anti roll bar please
  10. Theres been alot of talk lately of a shake up in the car tax payments To sell new little cars, they introduced the £30 tax and 0 tax on some cars based on emmissions, Now realising that everyone has gone for that deal, they want to reverse on the deal, claiming that as road users of motor cars, they should pay to use the road, seems reasonable i suppose, but if you sell things and promote things on that promise, then you can expect some flack for going back on it all, So where does that leave us??, we are road users with motor vehicles, can we honestly say that they will not go back on this promise as well, I dont know if anyone has a larger car, newer car, the new tax bands are out, basically its the death of larger cars, its got stupidly high for a larger engined cars, Lastly, no one minds road tax, as long as it gets used for roads and road repairs, not for other things
  11. If your car was manufactured in 1976, and you can prove it you may be able to get free tax this year, but it is by no means cut and dried and could open a whole world of pain. My honest advice is to suck it up, pay it this year and have it free from 1st April next year. If however you want to see if you can get it free, feel free to message me.
  12. Yeah thats right thanks for reminding me.I forgot its mad isnt it. Theres always a snag to prevent freebies... Bloody dvla...
  13. i belive that your vehicle will actually not be able to claim free tax untill april next year mine is 1976 reg and i was told april 1st is the date when the 40 yr rolls over
  14. Hi everyone. I just wanted everyoneyou all know that if you have a manta or any other classic vehicle that has just turned 40 years old.or is about to turn 40 this year that free car tax isn't as easy as it sounds. I have just applied for road tax for my Opel manta sr coupe, that turned 40 on the 18.3.17.I was expecting free tax... How wrong I was. It turns out that my car was first registered on 18th march 1977 and the date of manufacture on the dvla data base only said 31 December. So becsuse the year 1976 was missing off the date of manufacture information the dvla told me that my car automatically defaults to 31.12.77 for manufacture. So this means that my car wont get free tax until 31.December 2017. The lady I spoke to at the dvla did offer some re assuring advice. SHE TOLD ME THAT IF I CAN GET A LETTER FROM THE DEALERSHIP THAT PROVES THE DATE OF MANUFACTURE. THEN I CAN HAVE FREE TAX NOW.... What are the chances of me getting that information. There is more chance of me winning the lottery, or having the queen come round for tea dressed in a cat suit and flip flops...... Plus what's the chaces of the dealership still been there 40 years later. Especially when there is probably a super market or mosc on the spot where my car began its life..... Good luck with your cars and enjoy happy motoring this year.. HoHopefully see some of you at some north west shows.. Cheers stuart.
  15. Let's hope they never find a cure for mantaitas
  16. Anyone got a panhard rod for sale not bothered about bushes av got new ones cheers
  17. Well known in the club , I bought this from Neil in Yorkshire over 2 years ago. Unfortunately last year,due to loss of job I had to sell it but a previous owner bought it back and it returned to Scotland. The new owner had a change of heart and sold the car on , to an uncommitted new owner who decided to "under seal" the car, then offer it up for sale. Its months away from my warm garage and cosseted care has seen a fair bit of deterioration on the body condition which I am temporarily treating - it reminded me how much first Manta literally disintegrated being outside over a Glasgow winter. Jobs done in the last few weeks: full wash and wax full day taking the underseal overspray off the paintwork oil and filter change coolant flush and change superglue the drivers door pocket that someone had carelessly "booted" fixed both the door speakers (loose connections) ordered a full new exhaust ! changed the fuel filter Plan is to use it for the next couple of months then put it in dehumidified storage until it can be stripped and fully restored to original spec with a 5 speed and PAS conversion. if anyone has any NOS parts for this they want to sell then let me know as I will be collecting them gradually as I can afford prior to restoration. I'll be losing the boot spoiler!
  18. Yes you are certainly an addict now mate.
  19. Given it's Dolphin Grey on a D plate, it's safe to assume this is one of the original Irmscher Exclusives. Worth saving perhaps!
  20. good morning mates, There are Two types of Braking Calipers in Manta second Generation, they both compatible with same size of single Braking Plate. One Type is with two Pistons, and the other is whit single piston (latest I think). The padding\friction area is larger in the single piston caliper, but on the other hand, the strength and the division of opposition on the both sides on the braking plate (friction area smaller) in favor of the second caliper type.. Is friction area more useful or a corresponding resistance distribution pressure more significant ? Thanks in advance, and I would be happy to hear logically why the manufacturer preferred to replace it during the production years of the model.. Aditi
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  22. Hi andy, Update on bolts, Sent a message to the firm in germany, told them that i thought i had the wrong bolts, that they had the captivated washers like the originals Did not get a reply, so about 5 days later i messaged again, 2 days later i got a reply saying that they could nt see a problem with the order, so i messaged him back, explained it all again, then told him to look at his pictures on his web site and see that the bolts have small washers A week later i get a message saying there working on it, 3 days after that they asked for pics of the bolts i have on the manifold, so did this, A few more days and got a message saying that there engineer has said these are the ones they make, they do no others, again i said that you had some bolts in your possession that had small washers on them and there pictures on the web site show small washers, I had no replys since, so i gave in as i want to get the car done, so i carefully cut the washers off and used small spring washers instead Got some aluminium master cylinder adapters made up to fit a remote reservoir in place, they turned up, really nice except one part was not machined down so would nt go in the master cylinder, ended up putting them in a drill that was held in a vice, then slowly milled them down to the correct size, Its been a nightmare, i eventually got everything manifold wise on the car, went to start the car, it turned a few times and seized up solid, this must have been caused by the powder from the fire extinguisher getting in, so a squirt of oil down each plug hole and wd40, 10 minutes later it was turning, new plugs and a service and its now at least running, its now got to burn the last of the oil off but its getting there, Thanks for all your help andy, just glad i did nt take you up on your offer of lending bolts, that would have been awkward, haha Lee
  23. Anyone seen this on
  24. 3 at the mo lol Defo an addict
  25. Just renewed mine last night £25 well spent. Your 2 manta's look good out in the sunlight
  26. Hi, 1st post. Quick run down of my Manta project: Bought this about 4 years ago. Usual story, back from pub one eve and got browsing ebay. Ended up 'wining' this delightful looking example: Lhd, 1977 Dutch registered with a C20XE. Had been used for road rallys or something in Holland. Scruffy looking but pretty solid as it turned out, only needed some minor brake work for its MOT. Took it on a track day at Goodwood and within 4 sessions the brakes turned to mush and the gearbox ate itself. Although it handled quite nicely it was way too slow. So within a matter of days an absolute wreck of a Carlton GSI was acquired as an engine/gearbox doner. Plan was to fit it all up then strip and overhaul the engine - that never quite happened, the engine/gearbox went in for a trial fit and never came out again. Bloody thing weighed a ton and trying to drag it up and down a gravel drive on an engine crane was just too much for one person. Another track day at Goodwood was organised (it's just up the road from me so not too far to drag it back if it dies again). Whilst it went a lot better the handling went to crap and the brakes...err! Handling was sorted by some very stiff front springs and some adjustable AVO shocks that the Alfa specialist next to me was chucking out whilst having a tidy up. Brakes via eBay: Another trackday and much better. Although the brake pedal was too long for my liking, again, it did stop a lot better but could really do with some more poke. I'd turbo'd an old BMW some years ago and had removed all the parts before I sold the car. It was a similar straight six setup with a cast, two part exhaust manifold that used a bolt on adapter to attach the turbo. So, a couple of weekends later I knocked up this from some weld Els and odds an sods: At the same time I fitted a 400 body kit and painted it NATO green with a roller. I was originally after some arch repair panels but, as usual, spent several times the amount on a whole body kit. The DIY paint job was purely to keep cost down. So far, it doesn't owe me a great deal. Anyway, it now looks like this: Another track day highlighted some further issues namely the head gasket wasn't up to it! So, the head came off and to be fair the gasket came out in one piece as though it had been done before prior to the car being layed up. Only they hadn't bothered skimming the head as I had to have 20 thou taken off of it. The chain tensioner also had some issues, this is how it came out: It turns out that tensioners for these engines are nigh on unobtainable so I made one: It was subsequently lined with a piece of cast nylon milled to shape. A decompression plate was made from 1.5mm alloy sheet, bigger injectors fitted and a 1 bar actuator. The previous one was only 0.5 bar. It's now back on the road, just needs some further mapping work and then back to Goodwood for another track day. A larger brake master cylinder from a Monza was fitted which has improved the pedal feel. It REALLY needs an lsd as traction is now an issue. First time I opened it up a bit, as the boost gauge hit 10psi the throttle jammed open and it took off like a stabbed rat. Investigation lead me to think that the throttle return springs aren't up to the additional boost. I have just fitted an additional, much stronger one which will hopefully sort the issue.
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  29. Thanks. It's the bottom ones I could really do with. I've got a few but they're all rusty and thin. I bought new for my other Manta C, so would prefer new old stock again. The Opel parts place in Greece have brand new top arms at a sensible price. I wondered if MM Dronten did new lower ones or that Klockerholm company?
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